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Before joining Roadrunner, every student has undergone a thorough evaluation by the district's multidisciplinary team to identify their special needs. Each Roadrunner student has an individual program specially designed to help them succeed emotionally and academically.

Roadrunner classrooms are designed to cater to the unique needs of students. Students are grouped based on their skills and classrooms have a teacher and an education support professional to ensure each student gets the attention they deserve. 

Lectures can enrich a student's learning journey by offering a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. They also help in condensing the material into an easily digestible format, allowing for quick progress. Lectures are a game-changer for those who thrive on auditory learning.

As the great Gardner (1999) reminds us, everyone has unique strengths and intelligence, and auditory learning is just one piece of the puzzle for many students. This is why exploring different teaching styles and modalities is essential, ensuring all students have access to the knowledge and resources needed to thrive. 

Cooperative learning is a dynamic approach to education that allows students to work together towards a common goal, pushing each other to new heights of achievement. By tapping into the power of small groups, students can maximize their own learning while supporting their peers' growth and development. 

At Roadrunner, all factors are considered, and a balanced approach that incorporates both individual and cooperative learning strategies is utilized. 

The Social Skills Curriculum is a game-changing educational program fostering positive socialization among children. This curriculum comprises of 16 fundamental social behaviors that touch upon adult relations, peer relations, school rules, and behaviors. The approach is based on task analysis and includes 16 basic skills chosen to impact crucial outcomes like peer and teacher acceptance, academic growth, and job success. Roadrunner integrates The Boys Town Education Model® to teach social skills with enthusiasm, friendliness, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. 

Multi-sensory approach for reading and math

The dedicated educators utilize innovative methods to inspire learning by engaging all of our students' senses. 

Students learn how to:

  • gather information

  • associate information to ideas they already know and understand

  • the importance of solving problems

  • how to use problem-solving steps

  • nonverbal reasoning skills

  • relationships between concepts

  • and how to store information for later recall

Adherence to Arizona Academic Standards

Visit the Arizona Department of Education site to learn about academic standards in Arizona. 

Arizona Department of Education 

Roadrunner School assigns regular homework to all students, including practicing social skills. Parents are kindly requested to provide a comfortable, distraction-free workspace and emphasize the importance of homework. Daily point sheets are sent home to ensure academic success.